Its low self-noise, little interference, and quality sound capture ensure that you get what you want from your audio recording, and only that! DP QUAD . Eventually, you will probably want to upgrade. … VAT – free shipping all right reserved. Legendary Shure quality construction ensures exceptional performance in rigorous environments. You will need 48V of phantom power, which is not included, so be sure to shop for that, as well. The go mic is perfect for recording voice or music, podcasting, streaming or chatting and voip. No matter what your price point is, what your needs are, or what you want, there will definitely be a best condenser mic in this post that will suit your needs perfectly. Using high-quality cardioid condenser heads, the pickup is extremely clear and accurate, effectively isolating off-axis noise, and reproducing the perfect instrument … Shure KSM137 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone. But for the do-it-yourself content creator, it rocks. $221.11. It is a typical side-address cardioid condenser mic. Easy to attachthe streaming microphone adjustable boom studio scissor arm stand features a heavy-duty combo mount that consists of a sturdy c-clamp and a detachable desktop mount.with 13" fixed horizontal arm and offers a 30" reach.the low-profile,table-hugging design allows on-air talent to perform without facial obstruction to record podcasts or make dubbing sounds.... 5/8-inch mic clip and windscreen: clip fits most microphone stand with 5/8-inch thread, can firmly hold your microphone in different positions. Paul Simon, Dave Grohl, and Motley Crue are just a few of the big names who have relied on the Bock Audio 251. Studio sound quality. Though they didn’t make our top condenser mics list, these condenser microphones definitely bring value to the table, and deserve a spot of their own. This mic allows for that, but it also gives you a versatile frequency range and high SPL so you can be sure to have optimal results from whatever recording! Your Price $ 149.99 msrp:,lowPrice:149.99. The Neumann U67 mic was introduced back in 1960, is now back in production, built to original specifications… and has never been more sought after. The large custom output transformer contained within it is truly a premium-quality tube… and each one must be hand-selected from large batches. Sound gurus and technicians will have plenty of details to add to this process. $210.05. Balanced bass response with high end clarity. Further, the 20dB pad will be great for audio interfaces. 230 . Compared to dynamic mics, they are more sensitive and provide a wider frequency range, which makes them perfect for use in the studio. Xtuga ma-200 is a super cardioid condenser microphone designed for instrument optimization. Selectable dual pickup patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional) make it ideal for recording voice, conferences, acoustic instruments and for just about any other sound source. MXL 606 Small Diaphragm Condenser Instrument Microphone with Carrying CaseProduct Description & Features:Small-diaphragm instrument mic with a warm, detailed soundTransformer less FET circuitry … Find out more about Shure PGA81 Condenser Mic Flat Response Instrument and check out opinions from other buyers. Condenser Instrument Microphone. Buy and sell locally. However, they can be used in a live performance or even for broadcasting and gaming. Shop for Instrument online on Jumia Nigeria. Details about Shure KSM9CG Condenser Professional Microphone Vocal, Instrument Condenser Mic. With the widest frequency and transient response, condenser mics capture outstanding sound quality. They’re small, portable, and offer a high SPL that can capture a full range of sources, including typically “loud” instruments, like that trumpet solo you’ve been flirting with. This versatile microphone can be used for a variety of events including spoken word presentations, karaoke and instrument use. Its self-biased small-diaphragm condenser element is vividly responsive to the complex dynamic nature of percussive and stringed instruments, and delivers a clean, crisp and detailed sound. You’re also going to need a shock mount. XLR. Cardioid condenser instrument microphone offers a wide frequency response and low self-noise. When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. The truth is that the best condenser mics … The award-winning 4099 Series, gives you a much more natural sound than any clip-on microphone or pickup. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Start price. Berlokasi pusat di Gedung Harco Glodok, Jakarta Barat Grab a portable vocal booth in the interim. With a new large diaphragm condenser mic there's rarely anything unusual to discuss. Plus, it comes with an attractive wooden box for storage! But… if you don’t have access to this – no worries. Discover over 466 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Cardioid. 0 Reviews (0 Reviews) Product Price $ 149.99. Peep Tempel were the headline act with not an acoustic instrument in sight, so I thought I’d try the ATM350a on the hi hat, since it’s a condenser… but it had no mount to attach it to a mic stand, an obvious omission when Audio-Technica has tried to cover everything else, so I put it on the floor tom. Suitable for vocals, acoustic guitars, pianos and more - find your ideal condenser mic here. $56.99. The mic fits instruments with a body depth between 35 mm (1.4 in) and 122 mm (4.8 in). You can plug this bad boy in for conference calls with your agent, or for Skyping your family while you’re on the road for your 120-city album tour. $128.25. 6' (1.8 m) cable permanently attached to microphone. Even the best condenser mics are going to need stability and help absorbing vibrations and motion. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. The condenser microphone also uses a back electret condenser for crystal-clear recording of your instrument. Blue Yeti. While this mic pair was originally designed for live drum overheads and acoustic solos, they are being used more and more frequently for things like spoken word and film audio. If you want control, you need to be able to switch between polar patterns -omni, cardioid condenser, figure 8- and do so with ease! Features include flat response curve, low noise and high output clipping … This is because, while the strings resonate quickly, the slower transient response of the large-diaphragm microphone will make for better low-frequency reproduction on these instruments. This little condenser microphone will do that with a transient response that is well-suited for all sorts of vocals! Miking a Clarinet is somewhat similar to the miking of a Sax. ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Kit, BM-800 Mic Set with Adjustable Mic Suspension Scissor Arm, Metal Shock Mount and Double-layer Pop Filter for Studio Recording & Broadcasting 4.0 out of 5 stars 7,769 £44.89 £ 44 . € 199,00 incl. From the cheapest to the most expensive Lauten Audio microphone deal at Sweetwater. With the number of alternatives available on the market, getting the right one could sometimes be a difficult task.. That’s why our platform is dedicated to product testing and coming up with this list of top 10 Best Instrument Condenser … They do require a power source between 44 and 52V, so shop wisely. Buy Now. $135.00. This condenser mic has been described as a ‘small mic with huge sound,’ and that would absolutely be the proper way to describe it! 4-piece Drum Microphone Package. Early specimens – Neumann has produced condenser mics since 1928! The P170 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording of overheads, percussion, acoustic guitars and other strings. This stage microphone requires phantom power to work. Many microphone singing applications can be covered by dynamic mics. Compatible with most mac and pc based audio software that supports usb audio. Condenser Instrument Microphone. This is a compact microphone for integrated miniature instruments. It boasts a high SPL and high transient response, which means it can be used to record a greater range of instruments, from drums to acoustic guitars. So if you’re going to purchase any of the mics on this list, you will need a decent recording studio or sound-treated location. But what if you need something low maintenance that delivers a great sound with a minimal expense? If you’re looking for best condenser mics to outfit your studio with before the next big project without breaking the bank, this is the mic for you. D2 Trio . Its a widely used condenser mic for podcasting. The Blue Yeti in our opinion is one of the best USB condenser mics for its unparalleled … Condenser microphone for all levels. The tonal sounds will source from the body of the instrument itself, not the bell. Open quick view dialog for Audio-Technica PRO 35 Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Instrument Microphone { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Audio-Technica PRO 35 Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Instrument Microphone. As a result, you’re going to get great vocal recordings, as well as pick up on the most delicate characteristics of acoustic instruments. Miniaturized Condenser Flute Microphone. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Instrument Condenser Microphones at Guitar Center. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Instrument Condenser Microphones. Interchangeable capsules: includes cardioid, omni and super capsules for use in virtually most recording situation. But if you want true, subtle quality and a wider range of frequencies, you would do well to choose from one of the many condenser mics on this list. If you’re a vocalist or musician, you likely know a good condenser mic is the secret to successful audio. Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source. The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is an innovative USB functioning version of their phenomenal critically acclaimed XLR AT2020 providing recording studio level audio recording. Condenser mics are considered the top-of-the-line option for sound quality for vocals and acoustic instruments, and can even be used as overhead mics for drums. Condenser mics are considered the top-of-the-line option for sound quality for vocals and acoustic instruments, and can even be used as overhead mics for drums. This mic is most well-known for being ‘one of the quietest mics in the world.’, It gives you a cardioid polar pattern, a wide dynamic range, and even internal capsule shock mounting to protect your track from exterior noise or ‘mechanical jostling.’, This is a great studio-quality mic that performs on a professional level without the gut-punch of a high budget. Its lightweight 1/2-inch true condenser transducer diaphragm delivers … Users describe the sound of these mics as ‘fresh and vivid,’ partly due to the slight treble lift the mics experience in the 9 kilohertz range. This is definitely a best condenser microphone that you should check out! That makes them incredibly versatile … The Shure SM81 is a high-quality, unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. Read Instrument Condenser Mic reviews and Instrument Condenser Mic ratings – Buy Instrument Condenser Mic with confidence on AliExpress! Get the guaranteed lowest prices on Instrument Shure Condenser Microphones instruments at Musician's Friend. Stereo pair most accurately captures even slightest audio nuances for recording. A condenser mic has a diaphragm that’s electrically charged. – had tube electronics, which were powered by an external PSU box the size of a brick. MXL Microphones offers high-quality condenser, ribbon and tube microphones for studio recordings of instruments. Excellent for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion. Most studio gurus agree that for the most detailed sound delivery, you need a condenser microphone. This is positioned close to a solid plate. Last one . 490 . USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK professional 192KHZ/24Bit Studio Cardioid Con… $350.00 The truth is that the best condenser mics will deliver epic recordings nearly all of the time… with one caveat. AT831B :: AT831B Clip On Lavaliere Instrument Mic Condenser Cardioid (Audio-Technica) $292.84. It isn’t a high-end studio recording mic. Buy Now. 89 These microphones are so sensitive, they’ll pick up all sorts of sounds. Condenser Microphones. In general, the best starting place for a mic on a string instrument is: 2 to 3 feet away from the instrument. These microphones are easy to use, and don’t require phantom power to keep the juice coming. Price: US $524.00. Superior sound quality: adopts φ 16 high quality headgrille and electric circuit, ensures high sensitivity and ultra-low noise. The Eden LT-386 is a large diaphragm tube condenser mic with cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 polar patterns, highpass filters and multi-voicing technology. 3-piece Drum Microphone Package. Condenser mics are considered the top-of-the-line option for sound quality for vocals and acoustic instruments, and can even be used as overhead mics for drums. Discounts, deals, special offers for Musical Instruments on ShopMania. PGA81-LC: Condenser Microphone, Cardioid, Black, 3-pin XLR Connector, No Cable included PGA81-XLR: Condenser Microphone… The MXL 770 is actually an intelligently designed mic that can help novices springboard into the world of high-quality sound. And yes, as with all top-end Neumann mics, the U67 is hand-crafted and manufactured in Germany. Copyright @ 2020, 10BestReviewz. It provides low self-noise and will be sure to keep your audio in check, whether you’re recording vocals or your instruments. Free shipping. This was inconvenient in many ways, especially when many microphones were used at the same time, because each type required its own PSU box and a dedicated multipin cable. Most users call this mic a ‘must have’ if you are a streamer, content creator, or average user. Out and up from the instrument. … These are reasonable requests. Durability. That makes them incredibly versatile for a home studio. What makes the HyperX Quadcast one of the best condenser mics is how easy it is to use. Low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble. Not only does it offer plug-and-play USB capability, but you get to choose from four polar patterns: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8. AKG condenser mics are the pinnacle of sensitivity and detail, delivering astounding sound in the studio or on stage. First of all, The Samson CO1U is compatible with most types of software, which makes it handy for traveling. KM-CX710 KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Microphone Professional Musical Instrument Condenser MIC High Fidelity Voice Microphone for Accordion 0.00 KM-G130-1 KIMAFUN 2.4GHz Mini Professional Wireless Lavalier/Lapel Microphone System for Phone Youtube recording computer microphones Widely use: widely used for recording studio vocals, acoustic, instruments, strings, horns, orchestras and choral groups, ambient instrument audio, and many live sound applications. Foam padded aluminum case: made of durable aluminum, ensures high durability. Single Mic Placement with a Condenser. Microphone Basics is supported by readers. This mic is marketed as a multipurpose condenser mic, but it tends to attract more vocalists due to the solid low-frequency response. With the ND66’s exclusive locking rotating head, achieve ideal mic … For the price, they’re a tough pair of microphones to beat. This, in turn, sometimes requires specific cables. You should first determine whether you need an instrument mic, a drum mic, or a vocal mic. Read more and configure your mic Craigslist has listings for condenser mic in musical instruments in the Seattle-tacoma area. 3 included capsules (omni, cardioid & super cardioid) customize pickup pattern. But for those looking to upgrade from your current best microphone, this might already be a bit much. It has a finely tuned sound signature that specifically accents those ‘8 to 12 kHz’ regions, which are crucial for capturing natural sounding human vocals… making it an incredible option for singers. One of the key features of the CV-12 is its ability to switch between nine total polar patterns. Open quick view dialog for Applied Microphone Technology AMT M40 Acoustic Piano Microphone System with AP40 Preamp The hype is believable when it comes to the Neumann U67. You also get a custom shock … Not only does the Avatone CV-12 stand out with its bold red body, it is highly recognizable as a mic that provides some of the warmest, richest audio available. Jual Mic Instrument harga termurah, barang baru, asli original dan garansi resmi. As much as you may want to drop the bones on a brand new Neumann mic, you’ve got to feed yourself and pay rent. Features include contoured frequency response for rich vocal pickup, background noise … That makes them incredibly versatile for a home studio. So classic, in fact, that certain top producers in the recording industry consider it a must have. This condenser microphone rejects unwanted noise and accurately captures the true voice of your acoustic instrument. The SM81-LC is an omnidirectional mic. Its wide frequency response, low noise characteristics, and … Each new condenser microphone comes with a two year warranty at Gear4music. As the sound waves bounce against the diaphragm, the distance between it and the solid plate changes. Gentle yet secure adhesion to instrument. Image source: This one will give you a clear sound with any voice or instrument. Tailored for easy home recording. Having done thorough research on this topic, we hope that our list will help you find the one you need! But you can use it as a regular vocal mic, instrument mic etc. The accessory package includesthe scissor arm stand is made out of all steel construction, sturdy and durable.a studio-grade shock mount,a double pop filter, premium 8.2' usb cable,a bonus tripod stand, a microphone for podcast recording, a user manual and free technical support. Order now from Studiospares. A string instrument can sound great with a single condenser mic that’s well placed. We get it- you’ve got to adhere to a budget. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. But for less than $100, this is a tough entry-level best large diaphragm condenser to beat. But for good reason. Professional UHF 3.5mm Wired Condenser Microphone Clip On Instrument for Violin. Shure PGA81 Condenser Mic Flat Response Instrument for only $124.99. Participates In The Amazon Associates Associates Program,An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Commissions By Linking To Amazon.This Means That Whenever You Buy A Product On Amazon From A Link On Here, We Get A Small Percentage Of Its Price. Best Instrument Condenser Microphones In November 2020. Super-cardioid electret condenser microphone for demanding instrument recordings, and performances that produce extended frequencies, high SPL handling and transient response. Learn more. UHF Professional Wireless Instrument Condenser Microphone Mic System for Violin. The Samson C01U is a handy little mic to have in your arsenal. And if you’re going to be doing voice acting or other vocal work or recording, you’ll also want a pop filter. Free shipping . Shure KSM9CG Condenser Professional Microphone Vocal, Instrument Condenser Mic. Yes, this mic is expensive. The sound quality on these mics is just unbelievable, providing you with some of the most detailed audio you can imagine. It also offers zero latency headphone monitoring right on the mic itself. Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best prices! No Reserve. USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK professional 192KHZ/24Bit Studio Cardioid Con… It’s a piece of gear with a formidable reputation and a classic sound. The audio recording microphone features a frequency response of 50Hz - 16kHz and sensitivity of -46dB +/- 3dB… Excellent phase characteristics compact, discreet size. As such, the d:vote 4099 range is among the most flexible instrument mic … The condenser microphone also uses a back electret condenser for crystal-clear recording of your instrument.